It’s somewhat surprising that no head coaches have been fired yet, but that will change soon. Gus Bradley (Jaguars), Chuck Pagano (Colts) and Mike McCoy (Chargers) are all on the hot seat, andChip Kelly has been rumored to be on his way out of San Francisco and eyeing the college game again. John Fox, despite being hired last January, is also watching his seat warm up after the team reportedly brought in an outside consultant to evaluate the itsfootball operations. The Jaguars are going nowhere, and the Colts are seriously underachieving with Andrew Luck, while the Chargers are definitely going to missthe playoffs for the third straight year under McCoy. These coaches’ respective teams won’t wait to make a change, and the three nfl live of them will be fired before the end of the season.

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It’s a nontraditional addition to the most lopsided blowouts list the Michigan Wolverines entire 1901 football season. They outscored ALL their opponents 550 0. Impressive enough are wins of 128 0, 89 0 and no victory less than 21 points. Please note: The Wolverines didn’t let their opponents score for the entire season. Zero. Nada. Every game. The entire season.